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Aluminium Garage Doors

An essential part of the architecture of a house is the Garage doors. As it is the Garage doors we often see first when arriving at a house the Garage doors can be seen as the eyes of the house. Aluminium Garage doors are a wonderful choice if low maintenance is what you are after.

Weather you are looking for an Aluminium Garage Door or a Aluzinc Garage Door, you will not be disapointed with the lightweight features that they come with out for the box. Aluminium Garage Doors are versatile and require rather little maintenance when compaired to other garage door types.

Our Aluminium Garage Doors come in both single and double to suit your needs as per your request. One of the other great advantages of the Aluminium Garage Door is the fact that they do not rust. The makes home maintenance a breeze, because there is one less thing to worry about. The maintenance required on the working parts like the springs and motor are reduced because wear and tear is lessened substantially due to the light weight.


Aluminium Garage doors also come in a veriaty of diffrent colours and styles to suit your needs. When choose the right Aluminium garage door for you, a lot has to be taken into account and we will be able to advise you with our many years of experience. The colours that stock mostly are white, charcoal, bronze and the very popular cape oak.

Matt Stone Aluminium Garage Doors

The Matt Stone Aluminium garage door has a very distinctive style about it, due to the stone like finish.

White Aluminium Garage Doors

The white aluminium garage door boastes a very modern design, this style is ideal for any home.

Charcoal Aluminium Garage Doors

The charcoal aluminium garage door has a certain elegance to it, which will assist with the all round aesthetics of your home.

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